Eureka Springs Arkansas

is my favorite destination. The wife and I were married, vacation, visit and dream about living in Eureka Springs. I love it for it's charm, easy going, small town ways.

Eureka Gras

Marti Gras in Eureka, very cool. Here is some more info...

New Orleans Hotel

Located downtown Eureka Springs. Highly recommended. When we pulled up in front of the Hotel the valet greeted us, took our luggage to the room and parked the car. Be aware there is no elevator, which was not a problem for us. Our suite was on the top floor facing the street in front of the hotel. The breakfast each morning was excellent. The staff is great.

Eureka "Springs"

Eureka Springs got its name from the many natural springs around the city. Here are some I have visited.

Gazebo Overlook

The East Mountain Overlook offers some spectacular views.

The Big Giant Jesus

What can I say! I do believe that if the BGJ fell on you it would be a straight shot to heaven.

Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway

I have never rode the train but I love going to the station and looking at all the trains and implements. The dinner train is on my list of things to do.

Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway

299 North Main
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Phone: 479 253 9623
Fax: 479 253 6046

Step back in time to an earlier age of locomotive transportation and enjoy the Excursion Train or the Dining Car.
Enjoy the elegant flavor of the 1920's aboard the Eurekan Dining Car. You dine on perfectly prepared cuisine as the clickety-clack takes you back.

Directions: Follow Main Street north to the far edge of town. We're on the right!
Seating: 104
Dining Area Size: 104

Trolley Accessible - Wheelchair
Accessible - Bathroom Rails Accessible - Handicap Parking


With out a doubt, my favorite place to eat in Eureka Springs. The pizza is great, but I almost alway get the Greek salad, mmmm good.

61 Main St.
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Phone: 479-253-6511

Semi fast-food, total great food! Subs, pizzas, salads and pasta dishes.

Trolley Cars

Eureka Springs can be a hard city to get around, the roads twist and turn and if you are new to the city it is easy to get turned around and not know where you are. Also when driving, the driver misses a lot of the sight seeing opportunities. The trolley system offers a great solution, buy a ticket and ride all day. You can go all over town and even most if not all attractions even on the out skirts of town. Also great to ride into town if you are going to have a few drinks, don't have to worry about a designated driver! I recommend trying the trolleys for at least one day of your stay.

Crescent Hotel

Wow, the Crescent Hotel is awesome. They have plenty of free parking. The history of the hotel is incredible, and quite lengthy. Briefly, it was built as a hotel, was a college for girls, spent time as a experimental cancer treatment hospital and is now a hotel. Oh yeah, it is haunted. It is a great place to stay. They have a very professional ghost tour of the hotel, the restaurant offers great service and wonderful food, the trolley stops right in front of the hotel(check out my post on the trolleys), carriage rides are available at the front door... The room that I stayed in had been recently remodeled and the bed was very comfortable. The hotel was featured on the ghost hunter show "TAPS" and they captured some amazing video. If you are looking for a hotel type visit, not in the middle of downtown, the Crescent Hotel is a great choice.